Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wellness Wednesdays: The Chinquapin Recreation Center

My family arrived at a very quiet Chinquapin Recreation Center; it was 7:45 pm and only the pool was moderately busy. There were a few people in the work-out room but we got the famous soft playroom ALL to ourselves (well, famous in certain, limited circles). It worked out perfectly for our family.

Papa Bear hit the gym, while the baby slept in her carrier for 15 minutes and then I introduced her to the playroom. I only wish I had brought my camera.

Ever since she was a few weeks old, Lina has shown her excitement by doing this funny lip/chin quiver. She did it several times a day when she was brand new to this world. The last time she did it was two months ago (when she got up close and personal with a cow). Yesterday, she did it at least seven times in less than ten minutes. I think she likes the soft playroom.

Lina and I played in the ball-pit, climbed over a wide array of stuffed shapes and stared at each other in mirrors for 35 minutes until Papa Bear finished his work-out. I went off for a short swim while they continued to play.

We met back at the entrance after a 1/2 hour and left one very happy family. Both adults got to work-out briefly while the baby burned off some of her energy. Next time we'll see if we can add some baby swimming time to the mix. I can't wait!

PROS: reasonably priced ($6 per resident, $4 per child's visit to soft playroom), decent pool, large sauna in women's locker room (didn't get a peak at the men's sauna), racquetball courts, not crowded and an AMAZING soft playroom for babies and toddlers

CONS: limited equipment in gym, small area for kids in pool, only 4 showers in women's locker room (means long wait after a class has let out)

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