Friday, December 14, 2012

Getting Your Zzzzzz's. Linden Leaf and Flower Tea.

Linden (Photo credit: Lennixx)
I was introduced to Linden Tea by a Turkish friend, four or five years ago. I enjoyed the taste of the tea she made me but I didn't know anything about Linden's medicinal purposes at the time.

Now, Linden is my go-to herb when I'm feeling anxious or having a bout of insomnia. (And, it's safe to use while pregnant, for all those Pregnant Mamas out there). It's the only herb I've discovered that really helps me fall asleep. Interestingly, you need to make sure not drink Linden tea within 2 hours of taking your vitamins. Linden can interfere with vitamin absorption.

I find it fascinating how every plant reacts differently to everyone. One must really experiment and try each plant for yourself.

Over the last few years, I tried various herbs all known for their sedative properties. Passionflower only has a mild affect on me, Lemon Balm tastes lovely but doesn't make me sleepy, Chamomile gives me a belly-ache and neither Skullcap nor Valerian work for me. Only Linden has had much of an affect on my body.

Have you tried any of these herbs? What worked for you?

Remember, there is a difference between a medicinal tea and drinking tea for pleasure. Here is my post on how to make a medicinal tea or infusion. Also, don't forget to get the okay first with your Family Doctor. Hope this helps!

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