Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Moo. Word of the Week.

My Daughter's Word of the Week (from Last Week). The previous week's cam be found here.

Word of the Week: Moo. Man, this kid LOVES cows. She's pretty lucky that we have been spending lots of time on Ra-ra and Grandpa's farm (where she gets to see cows up close and personal). She's been saying Moo for awhile...but this week it has become incredibly recognizable and passionate.

Skill of the Week: Drawing. She's really gotten into holding a pen and drawing in my journal (even though she has plenty of her own paper).

Mannerism of the Week: Fish-lips (pursing her lips when she is determined or annoyed or about to pout). NOT the cutest or most endearing mannerism ever.

Favorite Material/Toy/Activity of the Week: Hats. She is obsessed with hats. I put a basket of hats in front of her eye-level mirror. She adores trying on different hats and admiring herself in the mirror. In her favorite book, the main character loses her hat temporarily when it blows away. I can't tell you how deeply this page disturbs my daughter. "Uh-oh" she says sadly as she points out the hat floating along in the wind.

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