Monday, June 18, 2012

Up. Word of the Week.

I've been really slacking in writing down things in my daughter's Baby Book since she turned one. So, I'm going to attempt to record things here in a very simple format.
Word of the Week: Up (she knows what it means but sometimes asks me to "up" something because she hasn't learned the word "open" yet).

Skill of the Week: Successfully using her toilet 4-8 times daily (this means I am spending A LOT of time in our bathroom, reading her favorite books she has been requesting...I didn't foresee how much of the day would be spent hanging out next the toilet).

Mannerism of the Week: Gasping and pointing to her ear when she hears something loud like an airplane or our landlord walking around upstairs.

Favorite Material/Toy/Activity of the Week: Russian Nesting Dolls (I just have to keep the really tiny ones from her since she loves to purposefully put them in her mouth to get a reaction from me).

Bam. That wasn't too hard. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep this up.

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