Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Art Inspiration for Our House

Since the theme this Month on my blog is Beauty, my posts will be heavy on the visual side. (You probably have noticed this already....don't worry, some herbal posts, as well as some kiddo posts are also coming your way).

This month is my chance to share various future Art Projects, as well as Good Design I have spied around the Internet and beyond. I can't wait to have some time to work on some of these projects.

Today, we are checking out two houses and one of them has a fireplace in the Living Room.

If we end up with a house with a fireplace, I am thinking of using this sculpture I found on Design Sponge as inspiration. I love working with found wood, so this would be a fun project. It's a quirky piece that really goes well with the open shelves, don't you think?

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