Friday, June 22, 2012

Down on the Farm


Happy Belated Summer Solstice! Lina and I have been trying to stay cool here on my parent's Farm as Summer has made her Fierce debut. Lots of pool time, lots of naked time (her, not me).

We have made lots of inroads on our Summer List. The second photo was taken at #17 on the List (Catoctin Mountain Orchard). The Children's Play Area was even more exciting than I remembered. The Children's Fort was brilliantly designed, the sand-box was enormous and the tunnels were exciting. Even my Step-father had a blast! We will be returning soon.

We were also blown away by #7 (Clemyjontri Park). The park was designed to be an inclusive playground that's handicap accessible. It's an endless Wonderland and is hands-down the most amazing Playground I have ever visited. If you are visiting the D.C. area, it's definitely worth a detour.

I am so glad we finally made it to #9 (Gravelly Point Park). It's only about 5 minutes from our house...really there was no excuse that it took 10 months to visit the park. My kiddo had a grand time walking across the field, although I was probably a bit more thrilled to watch the airplanes take off directly in front of us. Before our visit to Gravelly Point Park, Lina had not really noticed airplanes. Now, she hears them and recognizes the sound.

My Mama came with us to #14 (Cunningham Falls Lake). I grew up going to the Lake, so it was extra-special to be able to take my daughter.

I took Lina to #18 (Storytime at My Hometown Library), two weeks ago. the new Thurmont Library something to behold! The children's area is the most stunning of any I have visited (and I have been to A LOT of libraries). It is pretty amazing that my tiny, little Hometown is now rockin such a phenomenal library. I can't wait to go back!

Hope you are getting into some Awesome Summer Adventures yourself. Stay cool, if you are enjoying a Heat-Wave right now!


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