Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yellow Rag Rug

I found this rug at the Etsy shop called Green at Heart Rugs. The owner buys T-shirts from local Charity Shops, washes, cuts and dyes the fabric to make these Rag Rugs. I'm kind of obsessed with yellow right now, but that blue rug is a close second.

I grew up in a house with numerous Rag Rugs, so I am very partial to them. I have no desire to make one of these myself right now, but I love the idea of supporting a small American-run business.

My Great-grandmother got into making rugs in her late '80s (when she could no longer knit). Maybe I'll follow her suit and make one of these puppies in 50 years!

Deposit for Midnight Blue braided rug created from recycled t shirts and New organic fabric.

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