Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Belated 14 Months!

Dearest Daughter,

Mommy has been a slacker. I never got around to writing you a letter when you turned 14 Months Old. I started this post a few weeks ago...but never finished it. Yesterday, you turned 15 before I write your 15 Month Letter, here's this one.

This Month has been lots of fun. Instead of writing you a long letter, I thought I'd just share with you your Current Top Ten Favorite Things to Do.

1. Doing Jay-Jay (Dadi showed you how to bow and pray to Ganesh and the Other Gods. You love to give Buddha and Ganesh lots of hugs and kisses each day. Videos coming...)

2. Opening and closing Ra-Ra's front door.

3. Feeding the Cats.

4. Identifying the Cats (Hi. Kitty...Pepe...Dainty).

5. Saying hello to the Cows.

6. Identifying your belly-button, nose, ears, mouth and eyes.

7. Helping fill up the Birdhouse with Birdseed.

8. Playing in the Sandbox.

9. Running around naked on the Farm, squealing with delight at being sprayed with the hose and getting in and out of the baby pool.

10. Taking care of your various doll babies and bears by hugging them, giving them sips of water and food, putting them to bed and pushing them around in an ancient baby carriage.

As you can see you've been a very busy Girl this Month. It's been such an incredible experience watching you interact with the world around you. Can't wait to see what comes next! We love you so, very, very much.

Tons of Kisses and Hugs,

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