Thursday, July 26, 2012

Connecting. Sharing Your Bucket List.

Tuesday night, I was feeling tired and cranky and still brewing over an argument Papa Bear and I had had days earlier. Papa Bear tried to be all lovey-dovey and I was not having it. There was a definite disconnect.

Honestly, we have gotten really lazy about doing our "Daily Temperature Readings" and Other P.A.I.R.S. Tools. We learned all there terrific skills in our class and haven't been using them for the last two months or so. We weren't putting the time in (like only 10 minutes a day) and it was noticeable.

So, he turned off the T.V. and I turned off the computer and we spent 20 minutes taking turns sharing our "Bucket Lists." I have found that because we are always changing as people, our Bucket Lists are constantly changing as well. Maybe the Really Big Things stay the same but the little guys seem to be in constant flux.

It was great. We both felt listened to and we both got some ideas for more ways to support each other.

A simple (and kinda obvious) way to change your attitude about your relationship. No need to drop tons of money on planning an elaborate date to reconnect...just 20 minutes of sharing was all it took!

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