Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Slip N Slide and Plantain Part I

On Saturday, my Step-father celebrated both his birthday and 10 years of married life with my Mama. Luckily, the heat didn't meet the forecaster's expectations and it was only 96 degrees (Fahrenheit) or so. We were able to have a lovely celebration. Most of the adults stayed inside, while my four nephews broke out the Slip N Slide.

My fearless 15 Month old HAD to join in on the fun. Papa Bear and I took turns holding her hand as she walked down the Slip N Slide..AGAIN and AGAIN. This girl loves herself so water. Waiting for her turn...not so much.

It was a rather relaxed day (which was a good thing) because I was able to spend some time making some fresh peppermint tea for the nephew who vomited upon arrival and minister to a few bloody knees, one serious spider bite and and an infected cut.

More on that later.

(And, yes, I can't wasn't until I was finished painting the sign that I realized I had forgotten the "d"...whoops)


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