Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sneak Peak of the New Bedroom

Even though it's been 2 1/2 months since my family moved into our new house, not every room is finished being set-up. So, for my Birthday Party, I thought it would be helpful to get a few, creative friends together and finish one room. I chose Nye-Nye's room.
We are transitioning Nye-Nye from co-sleeping with me in the Master Bedroom, to co-sleeping with Daddy in her own room. Her very first favorite book was "Can You See A Little Bear?" by James Mayhew and Jackie Morris. It was a lovely present from Auntie Julie and Nia.
The book is set in a fantastical, magical world and is full of gorgeous illustrations. My Mother and friend, Ed, created two amazing collages from fabric, feathers and paper. When we move, we'll be able to take the collages with us, instead of painting a mural on the wall and having to leave it behind. An added bonus!
There are still banners to be hung, the coat-rack to be painted, the reading nook tent to be placed in the corner, a peacock feather to be placed in the red hat, a new child's chair to be brought in and a full-length mirror to be hung. But, we are almost there!
We re-purposed almost everything in the room, except for the peacock feather wreath I bought from Michael's for $22 and the crystal drawer knobs, I purchased for $12. I spent $18 on a bedspread, a blanket (that was turned into a pillow cover and part of the reading nook) and curtains from my local thrift store. The small child's bookcase was purchased from  a local auction for $3. My Sissy demonstrated mucho patience in painting the piece.
A big thanks to Taryn, Elsye and Mikaela for making the banners!
I am going to post photos from the book soon, so you can see what inspired this room. And, of course, many photos will be coming, once the room is entirely finished. Thanks again, for everyone's help!

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