Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy 23 Months, My Big Girl!

My Dearest Darling,

It is unbelievable that you are about to turn 2 years old. It has been awe-inspiring watch you grow into the independent, hysterically funny, imaginative, compassionate person that are you today.

You have gotten better at sitting down with us at meal-town and insist upon feeding yourself with a fork and spoon. You will eat absolutely everything and are developing a taste for spicy Indian food. You eat whatever Mommy and Daddy are eating including unusual foods like quinoa, goat cheese, seaweed, Brussels Sprouts, brie. You get sad when you eat a soup that doesn't have any carrots in it it. We are so lucky that getting you to eat your vegetables is no problem (hopefully, this will continue).

You remind us before every meal that we need to "jay-jay" or pray (your Dadi introduced you to doing "jay-jay" in front of their puja, a few months after you turned one and you've been going strong ever since).

You drink water from a regular cup without spilling (most of the time).You love to tell me when are "thirsty" (although it sounds like you are saying "sushi" - sushi being one of the only foods, you haven't liked). You are still on a Milk Strike and haven't refused to take a sip of cow milk's since you were weaned from drinking it in a bottle, three months ago. You went from drinking 32 oz a day, to refusing even a sip. Stubborn? I think so. Luckily, you devour Greek Yogurt and cheese, so we don't have to worry about your calcium intake.

Dada and Dadi are still visiting family in India and we miss them. When asked, you will tell us who you know that is Indian. "Daddy...Indian, Dadi...Indian, Dada...Indian, Kaka....Indian, Kaki...Indian, Sagar...Indian, Heena...Indian, Baby...Indian (pointing to herself). Mommy...not Indian (shaking her head)." We can't wait to see the beautiful clothes, Dadi will bring back for you from India.

It is the flu season and you remind me to give you "Elderberry" every day; you love getting your daily spoonful. When anyone coughs you say "sick, germs." You watched a Curious George episode on germs and it left a serious impression on you.

You spend 1-2 hours a day drawing with markers and pens in your own journal. When someone comes to the house, you have to point the paintings you made in your "Little Stars" class at the local Rec Center. You say "class" and "big kids" and proudly show off your Art-work.

Life has been a little bit easier as you begin to speak clearer and have started speaking in simple, short sentences. Your working vocabulary is probably at 700-800 words, but you almost always repeat whatever new word someone says in front of you. We call you our Little Parrot.

We listen to you talk about colors all the time, but you can't correctly identify them. First everything was green, then purple, then yellow and now it's pink.

Almost every time, we walk down the stairs, you practice counting. You have been able to count to 15 correctly a few times, but not consistently. Your ability to sing the "ABC Song" has improved a lot, you almost have it.

Legos continue to bring you much joy and now you adore playing with tinker-toys. You still do yoga several times a day, including your favorites: upward dog, downward dog with a lifted foot, butterfly, bridge. The latest development being your ability to do a sitting twist and tree!  We are constantly amazed at your ability to balance - I think it's time we get a balance beam.

You spend several hours a day, immersed in imaginative play. Your babies get lots of love and play. And, now that you have a toy infant car seat, as well as a toy stroller, a baby bath-tub and bed, they are getting extra attention. The car seat was definitely worth the $6 spent at our local thrift store. Your babies also seem to enjoy sliding down the slide on your play-set in your Rumpus Room.

You seem to understand about Mommy growing a new baby. One of your favorite books is "Baby, on the Way" by Dr. Sears. Aunt Mimi gave it to you for Christmas and you request it to be read to you at least once a day. You love giving Mommy's belly lots of hugs and kisses and love talking to your Sissy. We talk a lot about how babies cry a lot because they can't talk like you.

In the health department, your right leg has straightened up quite a bit. Now, it's only your left leg that is stilled bowed. Your left foot still points inner-ward when you walk. You have an appointment in a few weeks to get another x-ray and see if there has been much improvement. We have until the Fall to determine whether you will need to get braces to straighten out your legs. Crossing our fingers that won't be necessary.

You seem to have developed a mild case of eczema. Your Daddy has eczema, so it's not surprising that you have developed it. We have an appointment to get it checked out and make sure there is not a serious underlying cause. You have been eating more wheat over the past few months, so I wonder if you have a mild allergy. Besides those two issues, your health is wonderful. We are so very lucky.

We adore our giggling, fierce Big Girl. You seem to have left the "Terrible Twos" behind and seem so much happier than before. Your laugh fills our hearts with such Joy and we are so very, very Blessed to have you in our lives.

Know you are very, very loved,
Mommy and Daddy

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