Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seven Reasons Why Our Winter Getaway Rocked My Socks Off

Papa Bear and I got out of Dodge for a 24 hour Winter Getaway. We were sans baby and sans camera - it was lovely. Berkeley Springs...I'm smitten with you.

Seven Reasons Why Our Winter Get-a-way Rocked My Socks Off
1. I soaked in a Roman Bath for the first time.
2. We stayed in a cute little cabin with a fireplace at Cacapon State Park.
3. Snowed covered the ground and made Cacapon look so peaceful that we didn't mind that we couldn't swim in the lake or use the tennis courts.
4. We devoured some delicious creme of crab soup at Tari's Cafe.
5. We tried Atholl Brose for the first time and decided it needs to become part of our family tradition at Christmas.
6. We got to hang out with our dear family friends (who are not only charming hosts - but amazing artists as well).
7. We only had to drive 2 hours to feel much, much further away!

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