Monday, January 16, 2012

New Mama Mondays: Molly Murphy - One Gutsy Lady

I spent much of my first few months of motherhood reading while nursing. I stumbled upon Rhys Bowen at the library and became a fan of her Molly Murphy series and her Royal Spyness series. Here is a review I wrote of the most recent Royal Spyness book I enjoyed. I think Molly Murphy is the stronger of the two series and I am completely enamored with this feisty heroine created by Rhys Bowen.

So, I am beginning this week of my Month of Courage on a light-hearted note by adding the fictional character, Molly Murphy, to my list of gusty people.

Molly Murphy is an Irish immigrant who arrives in New York City during the exciting first days of the 20th century. After fleeing from police, she takes on another's identity and discovers she has a knack for uncovering mysteries. The books crackle with wit. I love how there is minimum gore and maximum history in each book. The author does a terrific job of including at least one historic figure or event in every novel.

Who can resist a spunky heroine? I certainly can't and Molly has become one of my favorite. Mouthy and curious, she takes you through trans-Atlantic crossings, bleak tenements, sweatshops and makes you kiss the floor in gratitude for your life today.

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