Friday, January 27, 2012

Scratch the Pirate Boat: Part II

Now that we have established that the pirate ship is out of our budget, let's move on...

If her birthday was in April, we could have the party at Frying Pan Farm Park. Spring is the perfect time to check out all the new baby animals and the farm has an terrific wooden carousel that's great fun to ride when the sun is shining. You can read about my post on Frying Pan Farm here.

Instead of reading a trashy novel or taking a nap or sitting in a coffee shop on my baby-free night two weeks ago...I ended up spending four hours doing research on prospective venues. A little sick, I know. The good thing about my obsession is that I'm learning much more about the area - I'm even picked up a little bit more historical knowledge. It also kinds of makes me want to plan another wedding (or at least help someone else plan their wedding).

The search for a venue prompted my husband and I to get off our duffs and do some exploring in our area. Chinquapin has the most amazing soft lay room and is reasonably priced but it seemed a bit too dismal. The Apothecary Museum in Old Town is a lot of fun to visit but is too small. Gadsby's Tavern has a great birthday package for older children but not for a 1 year-old and 50 adults.

The Old Maryland Farm seems like something Lina would be into but there is only room for 35 people total. She is too young for a birthday party at the National Zoo. Brookside Gardens do birthday parties for those under the age of 4 but I have to find out how many adults they can accommodate.

Right now are two fore-runners are Fairfax Station Railroad Museum and the Billingsley House. Both are only open on Sundays from 1-4 pm for tours. We are going to be out of town this weekend - so it looks like Super Bowl Sunday will be a really, busy day for us! It's really getting down to crunch time.

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