Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Week Goodness that Made Me Smile...

Here are 10 Things from Last Week that Made Me Smile....

1. An unexpected surprise in the mail from my best friend in college.

2. A whole 24 hours spent with my dear, dear friend who spent the last two years being crazy busy with going back to school. Now she has her Masters and can answer lots of my medical questions. I am so proud of her!

3. A wonderful visit with my former student and her lovely family.

4. Babes with Big Dogs.

5. Babes with Beautiful Cats.

6. Babes with a Mouthful of Sand


7. Realizing that my daughter is going to be a big fan of the Beach just like her Mama.

8. Six and a half hours spent in the car with only Grins and Snores.

9. Finally being introduced to Downton Abbey.

10. A week of (mostly) Drama-free Bedtimes.

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