Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scratch the Pirate Boat: Part I

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Who knew 1st Birthdays were SUCH A BIG DEAL? I certainly didn't before I had my daughter.
Offbeat Mama talks about it here.

Now that we have less than 2 months before she turns one, we are on the hunt. So many options, it's kind of like planning a wedding...only on a smaller scale.

My daughter dances as soon as she hears music and gets really excited around animals - we are trying to decide on a party based on either one of those interests. My head is spinning with all the different directions we can go. We are working out our budget but it looks like both the pirate ship and the private canal boat tour are out of the picture.

Weather is very unpredictable at the end of March, so we can't go the inexpensive route and have an outside BBQ at a park pavilion with lots of dancing.

Here are our requirements....

1. Interesting space

2. Minimal set-up and clean-up (I don't want any family members exerting a lot of effort by hosting the party...I want everyone to have fun and not have to worry about being the host).

3. A space that can accommodate at least 45 adults, 3-4 babies and 4-6 kids (this is the hard part...we have a BIG family).

4. Within our budget

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting updates on how our search is going and sharing some different party theme ideas.

****Ummm....can you tell this child is my first? We happened to be visiting my mother when Lina turned 10 months. When my mother decided to bake a spice cake, I insisted we add candles and sing Happy Birthday. It's practice for her 1st birthday, you know?

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