Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Eve. Family Style.

Hope you had a memorable New's Year Eve.

Ours was low-key with a minimal amount of tantrums and cold hands. Delicious food, some people-watching, some fresh air, a movie, a normal bed-time for the Baby and the ball dropping on the T.V....just what we all needed.

We took the girls into Old Town to our favorite restaurant, The Pita House.

Great atmosphere, reasonable prices, delicious Rosewater Lemonade, fresh Feta and incredibly gracious Servers who don't blink an eye when your kids leave almost a plate full of rice on the floor. Seriously, the folks at Pita House are AMAZING.

We'll not the only family in the area who has stumbled upon this place. EVERY TIME we go there, we see at least 3 other families with kids under the age of 8.

Both girls filled their bellies on awesome Lebanese food and sat in their seats THE WHOLE MEAL. If you know my Eldest, you know what a feat that is for her. What a pleasant way to celebrate New Year's Eve.

Afterwards, we braved the cold and walked through Old Town. But, decided not to buy tickets to Alexandria's First Night festivities. Maybe next year.

Nye had fun running through the empty fountain at City Hall.and admiring the massive Christmas Tree set up there.We ate some okay dessert at La Madeleine (should just had some gelato at Killer ESP) and went home. Bears went to bed and the rest of us watched Despicable Me 2.

Papa Bears, Nye and I watched the Ball Drop and immediately went to bed. It was one of the best New Years, I can remember. Feeling very Grateful and looking forward to what enfolds this New Year.

Wishing you many Blessings and a Joyful, Healthy 2014!

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