Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 8th Months! Anala.

My Dear Little Imp,

On Saturday, you turned 8 months. How we adore you! Your sparkling eyes and your devilish grin!

Your favorite activity right now is to find the one thing on the floor that you know shouldn't go in your mouth and PUT IT IN your mouth. And, then you turn and LAUGH at me.

Fresh cranberries, pine needles, pine cone pieces, Styrofoam, cat food (even though we don't have a cat living with us), stickers, board game pieces, garlic skins and even a piece of glass.(Thank God, you didn't cut yourself or swallow it).Talk about giving Mama some more grey hairs!

I swear, we are not Hoarders and sweep and mop the floors regularly. But, if there is one tiny thing on the floor, you WILL FIND IT. Talk about some serious observational skills.

You have continued to be very, very intrigued by sounds and by Music. You spend part of every day pounding away on your piano. When I sing to you, you often hum along.

Your legs are getting stronger and stronger each day. You love to go from sitting to standing. You can balance standing up for about 20 seconds before you get freaked out and have to sit back down. You do this ALL DAY LONG. You even like the challenge of trying to hold something big (like a soccer ball), while getting up to stand. You've spent a lot of time in the Basement cruising from one end of the futon to the other.

You clapped your hands for the first time. It was hard to tell who was more delighted. You or your Sister? The two of you just laughed and laughed and laughed. Seeing both of my girls giggling and clapping together was one of those Perfect Moments etched on my mind.

You've become very enamored by the wooden scooter Ra-Ra gave your Sissy last Christmas. You spin the wheels and examine every part of it. You just aren't quite as thrilled when Mama puts you on it. Maybe it's a bit too exciting for you, at the the moment.

You love to feed yourself and much prefer that to having someone else feed you. Tiny pieces of bananas are your favorite. It's wonderful having you sit right up at the table with us in the new high-chair Dada and Dadi got you. You look so proud of yourself.

Drinking water from a sippy cup (and sometimes a cup) is one of your activities right now. You seriously, LOVE yourself some water.

Luckily, having your face wiped doesn't produce quite the howls it did before. Thanks for that one. You still hate having someone put their fingers in your mouth to fish something out (who does?). You squeeze your lips shut and furiously twist your head side to side. Sometimes, I mimic you doing this and you think it's the most hysterical thing EVER.

You felt snow for the first time this Month. Let's just say, you're not a fan. You are a fan of Bath-time and water. You went swimming with Daddy this Month and LOVED it.

Teething is not making life terribly fun for you right now. It appears that your top two teeth of starting their journey southward through your gums. Poor Babe.

One of my favorite parts of the day, is when Daddy brings you into our Bed first thing in the Morning. You love to crawl over to your Sissy and wake her up with your slobbery kisses. The two of you wrestle and cuddle for a few minutes. Such Sweetness! Thanks for being YOU...we are so very, very Lucky...

All Our Love,

Mommy, Daddy and Big Sissher

P.S.  Here is your Sissy's 8 Month Letter. She's wearing the same dress that you wore, as well as Mommy, Aunt Mimi, Cousin Caroline and Cousin Katie. So sad you are too big for it now (I had to keep all the buttons unloosen, so you could fit in it during our Photo Shoot). You are growing too fast, My Love!

P.P.S. Here is your 6 Month Letter and all the ones before.

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