Friday, May 2, 2014

11 Months. Anala. (Playing Catch-up).

Our Dearest Anala Bears,

You turned 11 Months old on April 4th.

This hasn't been a Month of huge milestones, rather you have been refining all your newly learned skills. You gotten better at giving kisses (you can now give a close-mouthed kiss, no more open-mouth kisses...lucky us).

You enjoy using your sippy cup or regular cup, if Mommy gives it you (or someone leaves it in your reach). Meals continue to be your favorite time of the day.

You can sign "done" when asked if you are finished eating.

You still only have your two bottom teeth. Those two silly little teeth, crack us up.

You are walking very fast, especially if you have something in your hand that you know you shouldn't be holding. You love to be chased. Your favorite game is to have your Sissy chase you from the Bathroom to Mommy and Daddy's Bedroom and back again. Over and over.

You have gotten particularly good at taking pens from Mommy and then pretending to write on paper.

One of your recent mannerisms is to rub your cute, Buddha-belly and smile.

Your Nightly Routine includes taking a bath with your Sissy. Daddy is very silly and the three of you have tons of fun. Mama stays downstairs washing the dishes, while you take your bath and it makes her so happy to hear all of your squeals of delight.

When saying "Good-bye" or "Good-night" you blow kisses. Talk about melting our hearts.

Your Nightly Routine wouldn't be complete without your new friend, Baby Bear (or Chewy as Daddy insists on calling her). Auntie Julie and Cousin Nia gave her to you at Nye-Nye's Birthday and you love falling asleep with her soft fur next to your face.

You continue to put EVERYTHING in your mouth. But the good news is that now when Mommy asks what is in your mouth, you politely remove it and hand it to her. Thank you.

Our delicious, perfect little Imp, we adore you.

All of our Love,

Mommy, Daddy and Big Sissher

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