Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday. Anala.

Dearest Anala Bears,

Your infectious grin and giggle lights up our daily lives. It's hard to remember what is was like before you made your Grand Entrance exactly one year ago.

You have a loud voice and are determined to be taken seriously. No one will ever call you a push-over. We rightly named you Juliette Anala. Anala means "fiery" and that you are, My Love.

You get very, very indignant when Mama tells you "no" or tries to remove something dangerous from your hand.

Many people have commented on your independence. You love cuddling with Mommy or Daddy, but spend most of your awake time doing your own thing.

Recently, you have really gotten into looking through books all my yourself. Your favorite two are "Noses and Toes" and "Chomp Zoo." Both are about animals. Not surprisingly, you go wild when you spy a dog or cat on one of our Daily Walks.

Another thing that makes you go wild is hearing music. You have started dancing by swaying your shoulders and spinning around in circles. We have just begun having Family Dance Parties. Sometimes, when you are dancing, you swing your arms back and forth so much that you fall over.

Today, Daddy just taught you how to give a high-five. It's the cutest.

You adore sitting on your Sissy's Potty. You grunt and groan while smiling devilishly, in her direction. I don't know if she realizes you are making fun of her. You also enjoy sitting on the Potty and scooting it backwards across the entire length of the Living Room.

Another of your favorite things to do is tickle Daddy's feet. You like to sneak up to him and do it.

You are fascinated by climbing and down on the sofa and armchairs, all by yourself. You look so proud. All of that practice has paid off.

Right now, you have 5 teeth (with 2 more just starting to poke through). You started teething at 6 weeks old, but didn't get your first teeth until after you were 6 months. Talk about a lot of work for a little compensation! Then, a whole 5 months passed before any more teeth started making an appearance. The last 2 weeks have been rough with teething. Sorry kid, there are a lot more teeth to go.

One a happy note, riding on the tricycle really mellows you out. You climb onto your Sissy's tricycle and demand a ride. Mommy puts the seat-belt on you and then you just start humming to yourself, as Mommy pushes you around the yard or on the side-walk. You still enjoy the Ergo, but the bike is now your favorite way to get around.

Happy 1st Birthday to the Sunshine of our Lives! This past year hasn't been easy for any of us, but we are so very, very Blessed to have been able to have spent it with you.

Our Love for you know no bounds,

Mommy, Daddy and Big Sissy

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