Thursday, September 12, 2013

Climbing High.

Sorry it's been so long.
Over the last few weeks, we haven't been at home during the Mornings (when I do most of my writing) and when we have been home, the computer wasn't cooperating.
Now the wonky computer is fixed.
It's so nice to be back. 
What have we been up to recently? Our family joined a Gym with a decent Kid's Club (which means we spend 3 hours each day either going to or from the Gym or actually being at the Gym). We visited friends in Norfolk (and the Beach, briefly). The baby turned 4 months. Several French Yogurt Cakes have been made by the Big Girl (with a little help from myself). And LOTS and LOTS of daily Imaginary Play.

The video below is of my Big Girl climbing the Rock Wall at our friend's neighborhood Playground. She will be 2 1/2 on the 21st and is definitely in the throes of declaring her independence EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of the day (unless she is super-clingy and wants Mama RIGHT NOW).

It's been a challenge. I'm trying to find the Peace amongst it all.

Here at Catoctin Mountain Mama, this is supposed to be "The Month of Peace." Hopefully, I'll be able to share several posts on this Month's Theme. Wishing you a Wonderful September!


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