Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Three Years.

Happy Anniversary, My Love.

Thanks for showing me what loyalty looks like every single day.

Thanks for teaching me how to be silly with the girls.

Thanks for being my very own personal chef.

Thanks for dealing with all the hordes of art supplies and herbs that I keep collecting.

Thanks for coordinating all the tiny details of our lives.

Thanks for going grocery shopping with our Eldest.

Thanks for making sure I get the alone time I need.

Thanks for answering all my annoying computer questions.

Thanks for making the bed in the Morning and putting your clothes in the hamper at Night.

Thanks for being willing to constantly go outside your comfort zone.

Thanks for being okay with us having different last names.

Thanks for helping me learn how to be better about time management (obviously I still have a long ways to go).

Thanks for going along with most of my crazy ideas.

Thanks for being such an amazing Support Person during the Births of both of our children.

Thanks for agreeing not to have a T.V. in the Living Room (even though it kills you).

Thanks for possessing the best lap in the World.

Thanks for holding my hand when I need it.

Thanks for infecting my Life with even more enthusiasm (if that is possible).

Thanks for driving us most places and for not getting (too) annoyed with my back-seat driving.

Thanks for working so hard and bringing home such delicious bacon.

Thanks for all your sappy sweet talk.

Thanks for doing all the things like dealing with the Mean Passport Lady.

Thanks for going to the both the PAIRS class and the ABC Parent Classes with me (even though you REALLY didn't want to).

Thanks for getting me a fancy Gym Membership, so I can take care of myself.

Thanks for the not fun job of paying my Student Loans each and every Month.

Thanks for constantly surprising me with good chocolate and good cheese.

Thanks for being willing to drive the crappy car to work, so I can drive the nice car.

Thanks for calling 10 times in an hour when you are worried about me.

Thanks for giving me two Curious, Bright-Eyed, Darling Little Girls.

Thanks for expressing your deep appreciation for me every single day.

Thanks for being on My Team.

Thanks for reminding me of all the good in our Marriage when I just want to give up.

The last three years have been intense, we've both been stretched and challenged in ways we never expected. I am so very proud of you and the person you have become. Thanks for choosing to spend the rest of your Life with me.

I love you.

P.S. I love remembering our Vows. Here are mine. And here are yours.

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