Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Birthday Time Capsule

One of my favorite things that we did for Big Sissher's First Birthday, was to make her a Birthday Capsule of sorts. I wrote about it here when I was thinking about doing a Christmas Time Capsule.
It took a while to explain it everyone at the Birthday Party, but once all of the Indian Aunties understood my Odd-ball Idea they ran with it.
We handed out a letter and a number to each group (we decided that it might be a little to overwhelming for each person to fill out their own, so we asked people to find a partner). The number was the Birthday they were suppose to write about on the paper they were given.
Last March, on Nye-Nye's 2nd Birthday, we opened the first letters. It was so sweet, I can't wait until she actually understands the concept. I have a special box where all the unopened letters remain.
My dear friend, Crissy, is about to have her Baby Shower and wanted to know what was in the Birthday Letters. (Originally I wanted to do this for our Baby Shower but I wasn't able to get it together in time).
Unfortunately, I lost the original template (sorry, Crissy)...but this is an example of one of the letters.

I am hoping to do the same thing for Bright Eye's First Birthday.

Dear Bright Eyes,

Happy Birthday! Today, you are turning 5 years old. I am Catoctin Mountain Mama, your Mama.

My favorite memory (of when I was 5 years old) was when I was playing

I loved playing soccer, going to my Ballet class, playing dress-up with Aunt Mimi, cuddling with the many, many kittens on our Farm, listening to my Mama sing, sitting behind Daddy when he drove the tractor in the fields, eating oatmeal in the Morning, listening to my Popop play the piano, learning how to read and playing with my Mama's long hair when I was your age.

Don't forget to spend many hours outside playing in all sorts of weather.

My wish for you is that you will always be fearless and willing to take chances (and fall flat on your face), that you will have faith in your ability to adapt to any situation, that you will learn to always listen to Your Inner Voice, that you will come to see Life as a Journey and not as a Race, that you will always treat others with Kindness and share that gorgeous of your yours and that you will be comfortable in your own skin.

I would also like to say that I want you to question EVERYTHING, especially when you are told that it's the only way (even if the person saying that is me).

Enjoy today. Greetings from the year 2013!

All My Love Forever and Forever,

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