Tuesday, September 24, 2013

On Getting Help.

One of biggest fears while I was pregnant was...."how to juggle a New-born and a Toddler by myself."

I knew how rough my recovery was the first time around and I was terrified of dealing with that again, on top of having a feisty Toddler (and a New Baby, of course). I knew Papa Bear would be home for 2 weeks tops and that my Mother-in-law and Mama would help out A LOT in the beginning.

But, what about when they went home and it was JUST ME. I was scared.

So, we dipped into our savings and hired a "Mother's Helper" for 8 weeks during the Summer.

It's was one of our BEST DECISIONS EVER.

We hired a lovely young woman, home from College. B lived 5 minutes away and just wanted a little extra cash for school. She worked 12 hours a week and was very flexible on how we spread out those 12 hours. Sometimes it was 2 days a week of 6 hours each and other weeks it was 3 days of 4 hours.

Because I was always there with her (except for when she would take Nye-Nye to the Play-ground), we paid her less than a Babysitter (since she had less responsibility). I didn't ask her to do any household chores, she literally was paid to just play with our Toddler.

She would take Nye-Nye out in our Back-yard (or the Play-ground), so the Kiddo got fresh air and plenty of Sunshine every day. And, lots of mosquitoes bites...going out to our Back-yard was something I couldn't do with a itty-bitty New-born (since our neighborhood was so infested with mosquitoes).

When it was Nye-Nye's Naptime, I would hand B the baby and I would go and put Nye-Nye to bed. Then, if I was lucky, I'd get an hour nap.

It was a life-safer...let me tell you!

We were all sad to see B go back to College in August. But, by that time I was comfortable taking care of both girls all the day by myself (and the baby had thankfully out-grown her colic).

I am feeling so very grateful we were able to hire a Mother's Helper - B definitely helped me stay sane this Summer!

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