Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Post-Nap Surprise

It worked out well. The Christmas activity of the Day 2 was to buy a Christmas Tree.
Papa Bear came home early on Day 2 and brought home a tiny living Christmas Tree. He hid it in the Play-room. After waking up from her nap and giving her Daddy hugs and kisses, she opened up the Day 2 of the Advent Calendar. They went hunting for the tree. The excitement of her finding the tree was contagious. 

Our activity for Day 1 of the Advent Calendar was to "hang the Stockings." Unfortunately, only one Stocking could be found, so we hung some Ornaments instead.

The Christmas Tree with be decorated, a few Ornaments will be made and hung and maybe a Christmas Wreath and then I think that will be it for this year's decorations.

If you celebrate Christmas, are you finished decorating?

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