Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Most Popular Christmas Book at Our House

Cats and Christmas? Add an interactive Pop-Up Book and you have an unbeatable combination. At least, in the eyes of my 2 1/2 year old. 

Nye-Nye got this book as a Gift from her Auntie Julie and Cousin Nia last Christmas. She was too young to gently pull all the tabs last year. 

Now it's PERFECT.

It's getting LOTS of Love every single day. She's only torn one small section and that was easily repaired with some glue.

Neither of us have gotten tired at finding all the different ways this group of cats get into mischief. Knocking over stuff, hiding in boxes, pulling off ornaments...they remind me of my 7 month old.

The design is terrific, the illustrations charming. As someone who has hand-made several books, I am impressed with the quality of this book.

My favorite page is when the exterior of an entire house that Pops up...complete with a Santa diving into the chimney. Very cute.

There is only a sentence per 2 pages, so it doesn't take long to "read" the book, even when you spend a minute or two playing with the various tabs. (A must on some nights when Mommy and Daddy are tired and we don't want to spend 15 minutes reading ONE BOOK).

This book has now officially become part of our Family Christmas Tradition.

Thanks Julie and Nia!

Here is my Affiliate Link to The Curious Cats' Christmas A Pop-up Adventure!  

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