Thursday, December 12, 2013


Sorry things have been a bit quiet around here.

I have had the best intentions. But, between committing to going to bed earlier. And, not having had a car to drive to the Gym (where I do most of my writing, while the girls are in Kids Club) has meant, I haven't had the time to write all the posts I've been planning.

Here is a post of some of my Gift Ideas from the past.

I spent the first week of December frantically organizing the house for a walk-through by our Landlord that never happened. The threat of somebody snooping through our closets and storage areas was enough of a push to get me to FINALLY go through all our boxes.

The Great News?

What was found?

A pair of rain pants, a pair of heavy SmartWool socks and an eye mask. All things I was going to ask for Christmas.

The missing wheel for a piece of furniture we had borrowed from my Mother.

A metal antique hand-washing station that we had borrowed from my Mother.

A photo of Nye nursing in the bath-tub.

Baby Indian clothes for Bright Eyes to wear.

We'll been battling the sniffles and a cough around these parts. So, I've been making some "Elderberry Kombucha" and my first batch of "Lacto-Fermented Cranberries" (packed full of Vitamin C).

I've been making tons of soups and made my first attempt at "Lacto-Fermented Green Beans" which were devoured by my Husband and my Eldest in a blink of an eye. Yummy!

Our Christmas Calendar has been a success and has helped even my Grinchy-self get more in the Holiday Spirit! Hope to share more soon!

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