Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Okay, we are only uprooting and moving 7 miles away.

But I am really, really going to miss this little house. I have loved it so. (Despite it's horrendously sized and designed Kitchen).

It has been so good to us these past 19 months.

We are moving tomorrow.

And I am sad.

This photo was taken on my last Daily Walk with the girls. We had a massive windstorm that blew over many, many trees and branches in our Neighborhood last week. A very large tree was knocked down blocking the path to one of our favorite spots at the Creek.



Now onward!

Time to finish packing up all our things. Wish me Luck...I'm crossing my fingers that my husband and I are not going to have to pull an all-nighter.

Next time I write, it will be from our new Home.


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