Friday, October 28, 2011

Seven Months: Happy Birthday Lina!

My Dearest Sunshine,

You turned seven-months on the 21st. I had to laugh when I recently read in one of Dr. Sear's books that babies usually start showing opinions at around 9 months. At 5 hours old, the nurse called you feisty; that has never been as true as this past month!

 When you don't like something you shake your head and say "na na na." Diaper and clothes changes typically involve lots of head-shaking and loud vocalizations. You are not a fan of either. You are a fan of hummus, dancing, clapping to music and giving me raspberries on my stomach. You are also a fan of Daddy reading your monkey book, Grandma Pia singing you "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" and playing at Dada and Dadi's house.

You have decided you hate eating in your high-chair, so now you sit in your own tiny chair and table (Montessoristyle). You won't accept people feeding you cheerios or puffs because you like doing it yourself. When I open the fridge door, I have to be fast because you are there lightening-fast climbing inside.  You can now pull yourself using the fridge door or even a wall.

You are our happy, curious ball-of-energy. Your giggles and laughs bring us all such joy. We love your sense of humor. Last week, I pretended to be asleep and put your pacifier in my mouth. You stared at me, let out a big laugh, crawled over to me and yanked the pacifier out of my mouth. We live for such moments! Thanks for being my cuddle-bunny, sharing your crackers with me and constantly giving out sweet, sloppy kisses.

Know you are very, very loved!
Your Mama

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