Monday, October 24, 2011

Yard Sales Are in My Blood...

Yard Sales are in my blood. The frantic split second decision of whether or not to pull off the road, the first glance over the goods, the casual questioning of pricing, the potential negotiation and the glorious feeling of the Find. I've always loved Yard Sales but now that I have a baby, they have taken on a whole new meaning.

Last year at this time, I did my share of yard saling but I was still weeks away from finding out the sex of my baby. So, I bought a slew of gender neutral clothes. At $1 a pop, it was okay if the baby never wore something. This year it's a lot more fun having an actual little person here when shopping.

For those in the NOVA area, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. You need to get yourself to the Catoctin Mountains the second weekend of October. That's Colorfest weekend and that Friday is your chance to yard sale until you collapse. Hundreds of yards sales offer countless chances to walk away with a smile on your face and some amazing stuff in your bag. I am convinced that as thrift stores continue rise their prices, yard sales are more and more the way to go. Yards sales are also really wonderful if you are a family creating a Montessori "prepared environment" for your child. It's easy finding small, beautiful trays, bowls, baskets, etc... all for a dollar or two (sometimes even less).

Here are some things to remember when Yard Saling (I forgot 3 out of 4 of them this go-    around...whoops)...

1. Bring those $1 bills and change (dig into that change jar)
2. Bring a few grocery bags or reusable bags
3. Don't forget your bottle of water and granola bars
4. If you can, leave your children behind (the one thing I remembered)

These are the things I bought this Colorfest that made me smile...

Snowpants- $5 (I'm determined that we are going out to the playground unless it's pouring)
Melissa and Doug wooden frog- $2
Melissa and Doug wooden stacking and sorting set- $3
Shoes- 25 cents
Preschool Cooking book from Moosewood Restaurant- 25 cents (never too early to build up your library)
Children's chair- $5

What have you bought at a Yard Sale that has made you smile?

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