Thursday, February 13, 2014

Making Valentines With a Toddler. Electrical Tape.

Red, Black, White.

One of my favorite color combinations.

So classic.

So perfect for Valentine's Day.

This is a card that Nye-Nye made last year, when she was 23-months-old. It was so simple to make with her. 

All I had to do was cut some tiny white Hearts and some squares of red Electrical Tape.

I cut a ton of squares and gently stuck them to the edge of the table. She had a blast carefully picking each one and placing it down on the card. 

When it seemed like there was enough squares down, I then started adding glue to the Hearts and passing each one to her.

I could see this working with a Kiddo as early as 18 months. I love it because you can't necessarily tell a Toddler made it.

Too bad we are out of Electricial Tape right now, otherwise, we'd be making some tonight. Hope this inspires you!

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