Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tulips and Olives. Sunshine and Jeans. Big Hearts and Big Smiles.

Valentine's Day itself was a little rough. 

The Morning got off to a bumpy start. There was a Teething Baby and a silly argument with Papa Bear. The 3-year-old pooped in her underwear twice. I was NOT excited about our plans for that night.

But, when I woke-up from our nap, there was a bouquet of tulips next to me. Things got increasingly better.

Nye-Nye arranged the flowers, while Papa Bear cooked and I set up the table. There were my absolute FAVORITE olives and some excellent cheese to munch on, while we all worked.

We continued our tradition of having an Ancient Ale Date, enjoying the Ta Henket Beer this year. Papa Bear out-did himself with the Rainbow Trout and Scallops. Both were phenomenal, but the Scallops were the best I have ever had (and I love myself some Seafood).

Bears chowed down on the Roasted Mushrooms and Nye adored the Roasted Asparagus. I set up the folding table in the Living Room and the girls seemed to enjoy the novelty of it. I love the photos of Daddy serving Nye some food.

It was a really lovely Valentine's Evening with my three Loves.

The Love Fest continued on Saturday. My friends, Ed and Taryn, came to visit for an early celebration of my 35th Birthday.

Papa Bear continued to work his magic in the Kitchen and prepared THREE amazing dishes. Le Pain Quotidien Cookbook is now Family's new muse. 

Pea, Pancetta, Radish Tartine (no photo...it was devoured too quickly).

Spicy, Shrimp and Avocado Tartine. 

Pancetta Fried Rice and Wilted Greens. Oh, My...

Ed and Taryn humored me and helped me a bit with my Birthday Present to myself (a Gee Bend's inspired denim Quilt). More on that later...

We ended our Weekend of Amazing Food by having Brunch at Evening Star Cafe. 

Anala Bears cooperated beautifully. Man, do I love this face...  

Feeling very Loved.

Many Thanks to my Husband for all his Hard Work and Devotion and to my dear, dear Friends, Ed and Taryn, for their Patience and Loyalty (and willingness to drive out and see us).

35....I'm ready for you!!!

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