Saturday, February 1, 2014

Naked Weekend.

This Weekend, we are attempting to Potty Train Nye-Nye. She is going to spend the next few days at home being naked.

Well, at least without any diapers, pull-ups or underwear on.

She had shown interest at 15 months but completely lost it after a month or so. I didn't push. Especially when I got pregnant and knew a new baby would probably cause a regression.

Now at 34 months, she has declared she wants to use The Potty.

She read several Potty Books at Ra-Ra's house last week and that seemed to spark her interest. We also explained that if she wanted to go to school, she would have to use the toilet.

Last night, she went to the store and picked out some Chi-Chi Presents (chi-chi is what an Indian nickname for poop). We know peeing in the Potty won't be the issue, so Daddy bought some small presents (a journal, head-bands, those expanding sponges, etc...) to help encourage her.

We removed the large rug in our Living Room. Put out the Potties. And, have our wet Swiffer primed and ready to go.

Wish us Luck!


****I was inspired by How I Potty Trained My Daughter in 3 Days.

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