Thursday, April 10, 2014

Babies Discovery Basket: Shells.

Poor second kid. She has totally gotten the shaft.

By the time her Sister was the same age, I had done lots of interesting, fun Activities with her. I carefully rotated out her toys and materials every 2 weeks. She had been to numerous Music Together Classes and even a Yoga Class or two.

Not this time.

The Living Room is starting to starting to feel overwhelming, so it's time for a "Toy Rotation."

Sorting out Toys, prompted me to put together this quick Discovery Basket.

I collected around 10 or so Shells from our various collections. I made sure none were too small. I sat right next to her, after introducing the Discovery Basket and made sure that all the Shells stayed on the Sheepskin Rug. The Living Room has wooden floors and I was concerned that if she started walking around with the Shells, one would drop and shatter.

Each and every one of the Shells went into her mouth (of course). It was fun seeing which ones, she really responded to and kept picking up again and again.

This is such a simple, but beautiful Activity to share with your baby! 

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