Sunday, April 27, 2014

National Arboretum.

I've been wanting to visit the National Arboretum for at least two years. 

On Friday, we finally made it.

Our Family has been a "One-Car Family" for about 4 months now (which has been a relatively easy transition). But, it means that trips with the girls have only been happening on the Weekends. 

With the weather turning nicer, I decided it was time to venture past our neighborhood

I dropped off Papa Bear at work and bit the bullet and drove into D.C.. I am notorious for getting flustered and lost, while driving in D.C..

So, I wasn't surprised when it took an extra 40 minutes for me to find the place.

It's HUGE.

We had a nice time despite the mile walk to and from the parking lot. And, the baby missing her morning nap, and the 3 year-old pooping in her underwear and the overly-tired baby screaming during most of the walk back.

It was fun, I promise. 

The Capital Columns were beautiful and both girls had a blast exploring them.

We were only able to explore a very tiny part of the grounds.

There is a large Herb Garden that I can't wait to see. But, I think I'll either go by myself or wait until the girls are a little older.

There is A LOT of walking (unless you can figure out the Tram Schedule).

The United States National Arboretum is a wonderful local resource. They have numerous workshops and an amazing Plant Sale (that actually started on Friday). There are tons of Bonsai Trees and Azaleas. And, even a Full Moon Hike.

It's a photographer's Dream.

Here a few of my favorites...

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