Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Simplicity Month. Gardening with Milk Crates.

I really want to grow some veggies this Summer. But, we are moving in June. What to do?

Container Gardening.

Most of our pots are already inhabited by some Herbs. Buying lots of pots can get expensive very quickly. So, I decided to use what we already have...

Milk Crates.

My Mother found 8 crates along side the road, last year. She gave them to us, but I hadn't found a really good use for them.

Enter Landscaping Fabric.

I bought a 50 foot roll that is suppose to last 15 years (so I can reuse the crates for several years). The Landscaping Fabric keeps all that precious soil INSIDE of the crate. 

I cut a large piece of the fabric for each crate and put it inside. Some people staple or sew the fabric around the crates. I was out of staples, so I didn't bother.

I had originally thought of drilling some holes in some extra tubs we have laying around. But, the crates completely eliminated the need to drill any holes for drainage. Wahoo...less work for me.

After I put the Landscaping Fabric in the crates, I filled each one with a mixture of Potting Soil and Compost. I bought the bags at the family-run Hardware Store, down the street. These are the bags I bought....

I mixed all the Potting Soil and Compost one of those blue tarps. Each time, I dumped half a bag of Potting Soil and half a bag of Compost and mixed in a 1/4 of the Lobster Compost.

I planted (from seed) Arugula, Radishes, Turnips, Cabbage and a Basic Salad Mix. The seeds were left over from our failed Microgreens Experiment.

I'll add some Tomato and Pepper plants soon.

I love the fact the crates have handles, so they will be easy to move to our new home. Crossing my fingers that this works!

I'll keep you updated.


Crates. Free.

Landscaping Fabric. $11 for 50 feet.

2 Bags of Potting Soil, 2 Bags of Compost and 1 Bag of Lobster Compost. $40.

Seeds. Free.

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