Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Settling In. Part 2.

One of these years I will finally paint the dresser we use as our "Landing Pad." I painted all the drawers before our last move (you know when I was pregnant and chasing after a 20-month-old). Obviously, I never got around to painting the rest of it.

One of these years.

My husband HATES this piece of furniture with a passion. But, it's very useful. First drawer is where we keep phone chargers, nail clippers and other random items. Second drawer has our address book, swimsuits and heat packs. Third drawer is full of the baby's cloth diapers and the bottom drawer has all of our gloves, hats and scarves. Where do you keep all that kind of stuff? I'm curious.

We have been putting our Key/Wallet/Junk Basket up high this time. Too high for our 14-month-old's curious hands (and mouth). One of her favorite things to do in our old house was to grab that basket and take everything out. ID's, pens, keys, sunglasses were scattered everywhere. Over and over again. It's new home is on the Driftwood Shelf I made with my Mama. So far, it is out of the reach of our Little Climber.

I am excited about our Wedding Certificate's new location. It's in a nice prominent spot in our Living Room. Perfect for whenever I need a reminder of the vows I made to Papa Bear and all the wonderful folks we have rooting for us.

I painted our giant Shoe Cabinet white. It was a big change from it's previous green incarnation. I hung the Collaborative Painting (Nye-Nye and I made right before she turned two) right above it. I think sometime soon, we'll be working on the painting again.

The nifty broom hook contraption finally got put up. The girls got it for Christmas, but there was not a good place in our last house. It's been a real hit with both girls! They both loving taking off the brooms and mop. My 14-month-old hasn't been able to figure out how to put them back up, but the three-year-old has become an expert.

The Garden.

How I LOVE my Garden.

It's itty-bitty. But, so thrilling to watch it grow.

My eight boxes of potatoes seem to do be doing well. It will be interesting to see how many potatoes will have grown (when I finally dump out all the soil).

The cucumbers have been going crazy climbing the fence. I just sprayed them with a mixture of milk and water to help fight some Powdery Mildew. I'm crossing my fingers that they will recover.

My beautiful cucumber plant in the front-yard appears to have wilt, so I will have to pull that out. I'm sad because it had grown so large and was looking so pretty. I'm not sure what I am suppose to do with the potting soil since I don't want to contaminate any other plants. Any ideas?

The zucchini plants have gotten massive. But, none of my 4 pepper plants have gotten very big, they should be getting enough light. 

It's time to tie up the tomato plants again.

And, okra! We have okra! I'm not sure when the pods need are ready to be eaten. But, we appear to have at least one pod that must be ready. 

The sweet potatoes in the front-yard are doing so much better than the back. I can't wait to dig them up this September.

And, lastly, my Amaranth. It's hard to believe I only planted the seeds 6 weeks ago. They are so tall already.

I swear watching my plants grow is as exciting as watching my girls develop. Every day is something new!

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