Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lacto-Fermented Okra.

This is the first year, I have ever grown Okra. Since it was an experiment, I only planted one plant. 

It has started producing but there's not a lot to make anything with and so I decided to just ferment them. As I each pod ripens, I will cut it off and add it to the jar. Right now I only have four!

I am using the same recipe as last year's Fermented Green Tomatoes. It such a surprising hit with EVERYONE in our family. 

I added three Garlic Cloves, 3 Dill Flowers (from our Garden), some Black Tea (the tannins help keep the veggies crunchy) and 2 quarts of Filtered Water with 5 Tablespoons of Sea Salt.

I boiled the water, put in the salt and then let it cool to room-temperature before pouring it in the jar.

The okra floated to the top. I haven't quite figure out how I am going to keep them from bobbing to the top and sticking out of the water. I may have to find some grape leaves (which also have tannins) or just use a cabbage leave.

I will be storing the jar in our nice, cool Basement.

I will try and resist and wait until September to try them. Have you ever lacto-fermented Okra? Do you have any advice?

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