Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Geniuses at Liberated Movement

I am so jealous of New Yorkers. They can take dance classes a place called Liberated Movement.

According to their website,

"Liberated Movement® is a non-profit organization that provides donation-based dance instruction classes to the public. We have a suggested donation of $5 per class, but any amount is welcome. We operate exclusively off of the donations people give in class and via our website.

Liberated Movement® classes are for everyone. The primary purpose of the company is to make dance more accessible, both financially and socially, to both experienced dancers and beginners. We especially want to offer a supportive, welcoming environment, where anyone can gain a basic knowledge of different dance styles without having to spend extensive amounts of money or make serious commitments. Teachers conduct classes to address the varying levels of students, catering to anyone who may attend a class."

I think this idea is genius. It seems like the idea of Donation-based Services is really growing. When I lived in Baltimore, the "Community Hot Yoga Classes" were PACKED. They were $5.

There is a chiropractor in my hometown who has a donation box. He is always busy and is making some decent money.

Recently, I've noticed an explosion of "Community Acupuncture Clinics" in MD and VA.  I'm planning on writing a post soon about the amazing people at POCA  and my awesome experience at several of the clinics.

I'm really hoping idea of "Donation-based Dance Classes" catches on across the country. I know this little family would be very happy.

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