Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Month of Joy....Baby-Wearing

Here is a quick collection of photos during our last year of "Baby-wearing". I swear she spent most of the time awake in her carrier, it just seems we always took photos when she was passed out.

Photos from the few days she loved the "Maya Wrap", Halloween , the Scottish Christmas Parade and Christmas Eve at the Lockhouse.

At around 11 months, she became obsessed with strollers and wasn't happy in the "Ergo". This video was taken the day after her First Birthday!

This last photo was taken around 3 weeks ago. I was thrilled because she was content in the Ergo and I was able to do yard-work.

Baby-wearing has been one of absolute joyful parts of motherhood for me. Snuggled up with my Sweet on me, I feel like I can accomplish anything!

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