Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sentimental Portrait for Mother's Day

We are plotting Mother's Day gifts here in our household. One gift we've given in the past to Grand-parents was a framed portrait of our daughter wearing a sentimental outfit.

The first time we took our Big Girl to Sears was for a portrait for my Father-in-Law's 60th Birthday. She wore an Indian skirt and shirt set that my Mother-in-Law had brought back from India.

We chose 1 photo out of the 12 or so that were shot and had them print a 8x10 right there. The entire process took about 1 hour and 15 minutes and ended up costing $14 (with tax). You should of seen the smile on Dada's face!

Then for Christmas, we gave my Step-father a portrait where his Little Buddy was wearing a Little Red Hen Jumpsuit (sentimental for my mother) while sitting in a metal wash tub and reading a book on Farms (they live on a Farm). A toy International Harvester tractor sat next to the tub (my Step-father has an extensive collection of IH tractors). My parents loved it! It's hanging in their bathroom and makes me happy every time I see it.

I highly recommend bringing several props to occupy your child during the shoot. It definitely makes the process much easier. Just make sure it's something that you don't mind ending up in the photo.

This gift idea works great, if you have a sentimental outfit for your child to wear (maybe a family heirloom or a sports team or maybe you have a sentimental prop for them to use).

See the photo above? That's the dress that my Mama's cousin made for me, which my sister wore and then both my cousins wore. My daughter is the fifth member of our family to wear this dress. Pretty amazing, right?

I bet if you dig around, you can find something pretty amazing for your child to wear for a very special Mother's Day Portrait.

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