Friday, May 11, 2012

Quick, Inexpensive Mother's Day Present

Okay, Mommy stop reading. Spoiler alert for your Mother's Day Present. Don't look any further until after Sunday.

Here's an easy, sweet Mother's Day Present perfect for Grand-mothers. (Pardon the shoddy photos). The top one is for Dadi (Lina's Indian Grand-mother) and the bottom on is for Ra-ra (my Mama, the Gardener)...

Last year, we gave both Grand-mothers the same kind of thing. A footprint surrounded by two recent photos of Lina. I used

2)  two 4x6 photos
3)  scrap-book paper
4)  a triple 4x6 frame

I think we are going to continue giving this present each Mother's Day; it would be lovely to have a whole series of these, don't you think? 

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