Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cute Wordless Birthday Book. "Carl's Birthday."

Okay, so the first page and the last page both have a few sentences - making this book, technically, not wordless. But, all the other pages are just illustrations. Very sweet, charming illustrations.

The story is about a Toddler (Madeline) and her dog, Carl, who are sent to their neighbor's house for a nap, while their Mama gets ready for a Birthday Party.

Madeline and Carl sneak back home and discover lots of yummy and exciting surprises at their house.

It's been a hit at our house for the last 6 weeks. We keep renewing this library book.

Now, that Nye-Nye is turning THREE on Friday, it's been handled even more. I've been observing her sitting on the couch or her chair, telling the story in her own words.

This is BIG because she is NOT a kid, who wants to sit still and read books all day. 

I think we'll going to have to get our own copy.

This book is great, especially, if your family includes a special canine member. 


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