Thursday, March 27, 2014

Maple Syrup Rutabaga Mash with Apples, Pears, Ginger and Cardamon.

My 10-month-old is all about feeding herself these days.

And, I am all about Simplifying my life.

So, I try and meals that ALL of us can eat. Preferably something that the baby can pick up with her fingers.

Enter Rutabaga Mash.

I had never cooked with Rutabaga before. But, I picked some up at Baltimore's lovely year-round Farmer's Market.

To make this side-dish that can work as a dessert, I started by peeling and boiling the Rutabagas.

I drained the pot, added some Lemon Water Kefir (or your juice of choice).

I threw in the peeled and cut up Apples, Pears and Ginger and simmered for a 10-15 minutes. Maple Syrup and Cardamom joined everything else.

I drained the liquid until there was only about 1/2 cup left and then mashed everything up. I left some nice smallish pieces for the baby to be able to grab onto.

It's a lovely way to use up any Rutabagas you may still be getting from your CSA.

This will definitely be joining our "Meal Rotation" next Winter.

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