Monday, March 17, 2014

Marshmallow Snowmen.

In honor of Northern Virginia's Last Snowfall of 2014 (hopefully), I wanted to share these cute little Marshmallow Snowmen.

Nye-Nye made them way back in December, but I never shared them. My Mama was visiting and had great fun making her own.

All you need is a bag of large marshmallows, tons of tooth-picks, pipe-cleaners, markers and some white glue. Cloves are optional.

We stuck a tooth-pick (or 2) connecting the head to the belly. Then another tooth-pick (or 2) from the bottom up to the belly. 

More tooth-picks became the arms. 

Cloves made nice eyes, noses and nipples (totally my then 2 1/2 year old's idea).

Nye-Nye had a terrific time wrapping the pipe-cleaners into scarves and adding details to each face. 

I twisted pipe-cleaners into a loop and stuck the on top of each head, so we could hang them from our Christmas Tree. 

They kept coming apart when we hung them, so I just added some glue between each marshmallow. Problem solved.

Can't wait to make another set next year!

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