Saturday, May 11, 2013

Anala. One Week Old.


Our Dearest One,

Today you are exactly one week old. What a magical week. Mommy and Daddy have been able to hold, cuddle and kiss you constantly. We weren't able to do that with your Big Sissy, so it's been extra-special with you.

We have been very surprised at your level of alertness. It was especially surprising your first night, when we had figured you would sleep a lot since the act of being born is so much work. Nope, you just wanted to party.

You like it when Daddy walks you around, crooning one of his improv Country Songs. He's changed almost every single one of your diapers this week. It's so sweet seeing how much the two of you have bonded.

Daddy became very concerned when your umbilical cord fell off after 4 days. He checked it religiously for any sign of infection and began taking your temperature constantly. You were fine. He loves you so much this Daddy of yours.

Speaking of Love. You adore drinking Mama's milk and are already back to your birth weight of 8 lbs 12 oz. You are our Sweet Little Piglet. Nursing has gotten off to a much better start than with your sister. The first few days were really pretty rough, but we are both now getting more into the swing of things. Your Drunk Milk Face makes us laugh.

Your Big Sissy is completely enamored by you. She hasn't spent much time with you, yet. But, when she has seen've gotten lots of gentle strokes on your face and lots of kisses on the top of your head. It's amazing seeing how much the two of you look alike as newborns.

You smile a lot, especially in your sleep. We wonder what you are smiling and chuckling about in your dreams. Your facial expressions are delightful. You've already started doing the funny lip quiver thing your Sissy used to do when she was either cold or excited about something.

Your favorite place to nap is with your head tucked underneath Mommy's chin and your little body between my breasts. We figure you are so used to hearing Mommy's heart-beat in utero that hearing my heart-beat now is a big comfort. It's pure Sweetness.

We are so thrilled you are finally here. You have made our family complete.

We Love you so very much,
Mommy, Daddy and Nye-Nye

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