Monday, May 13, 2013

What Did I Get For Mother's Day?

English: A handful of healthy worms coming out...
English: A handful of healthy worms coming out of coffee compost (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
2000 worms.

Yup, Papa Bear bought me 2000 Red Wigglers and a nifty Worm Bin to house all those worms. He's the Best. I couldn't be more excited about my present.

He wanted to get me a fancy-dancy Tablet...but, I'm still a Pen-and-Paper-Kind-of-Woman. And, I've been eyeing the Worm Factory 360 for several years now.

I've made a few attempts at "vermi-composting" throughout the years...all using DIY Worm Bins. It was never much of a success. So, I am thrilled to try out a real-deal Worm Bin.

I can't wait until they arrive and Nye-Nye and I can start on our latest Science Project. I'll keep you updated on our project.

Hope you had a Lovely Mother's Day.
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