Saturday, May 4, 2013

41 Week Update

Never thought I would have made it to 41 weeks. I've been having such regular Braxton-Hicks Contractions for the last 7 weeks, I was thinking that I might make it to 39 weeks. Tops.

Lesson #1 of Motherhood...Your children will always surprise you.

We had an Ultrasound the day before I turned 41 weeks. Very, very happy to see that everything looked normal. We were a little taken aback with baby's estimated weight. 9 lbs and 8 oz. Gulp.

I've gained 6 lbs less than I did last pregnancy, so I was thinking maybe 8 1/2 lbs.  Ultrasounds can be pretty off in regards to weight (I've heard stories of up to 2 lbs). So, we'll see.

The baby slept through most of the Non-Stress Test on Thursday, but when she did wake up, she responded beautifully. Which means she has a week to come out on her own, before she gets evicted by an Induction (Pitocin).

I am very, very grateful to be feeling the same way I felt for the last 7 weeks. Just lots and lots of pressure when I'm walking and those annoying Braxton-Hicks. No swelling (happy to be able to keep wearing my Wedding Ring to the very end), no Heartburn, no Leg Cramps (thanks..Nettle Tea), no Back-ache (thanks...Acupuncture) and I'm still sleeping well (except for my twice nightly trip to the Bathroom, thanks....Papa Bear for being on Night Duty with our toddler). I am counting my Lucky Stars.

I've been popping my Evening Primrose Oil pills, downing my Red Raspberry Leaf and Nettle Tea and getting daily Acupuncture to get my body READY.

I had a "Stretch and Sweep" (also known as "Stripping the Membranes") done at my 41 Week Pre-natal Appointment on Thursday. It irritated my uterus enough that I had mild contractions the rest of the day.

Papa Bear cleaned out the car and FINALLY installed the infant car seat in preparation. I thought maybe sub-consciously not feeling like everything was ready, might be what was holding back my Labor. So, Thursday night I finished my Belly Binder and another small sewing project.

Papa Bear and I went to bed at Midnight and I woke up at 4 am with some pretty active contractions.

I even had a crazy burst of energy. And, spent two hours straightening up the house and watering all our plants in the Back-yard.

I took a bit of both Blue and Black Cohosh. And, started taking "Cotton Root Bark every 15 minutes to help strengthen the contractions".

At 6 am, I even dragged my poor Husband outside for a little symbolic burning. Yes, he's pretty good at putting up with some of my "weird ideas."  He helped me rip up some of the writing I've done about the trauma of my First Birth and my fears about this Birth. It was very freeing.

All he was worried about was disturbing the Cop next door. Papa Bear was concerned that there was "too much smoke for first thing in the morning." My Little Worrier.

At 9 am, my Doula suggested I rest. When I awoke 2 hours later, my contractions had fizzled. Instead of having the baby, we went to River Farm.
The rest of Friday was spent taking it easy without attempting anymore "encouragement."
On Tuesday, I will be getting a dose of Cervidil (if she still hasn't made her appearance) and another dose on Wednesday. It supposedly has very high rates of success for women who have already given Birth. But, my Midwife is confident that my body will go into Labor on it's own before Tuesday. Crossing my fingers.

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  1. Hi Catoctin Mountain Mama,being a guy I probably shouldn't be commenting on your blog about your 41 weeks maternity pic,but when I see a pregnant belly that's as BIG and ROUND and AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL as the one you had,I simply cannot just leave it alone,for I have to say something about it!!!!!!!!!


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