Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Love for "Love Dharma"

Love Dharma...  I can't tell you how many times I have bought this book and sent it to friends. It is the perfect antidote to a bad break-up. It has lifted me out of the Darkness after several heart-breaks and helped ground me during my tumultuous '20s. It may possibly be my favorite book. Or at least, one of the most influential.

This is not to say that this book would win any serious literary awards. Geri Larkin's writing is not something that will stand the test of time. If my daughters read it, (when they are in their '20s) they will probably say it feels dated. But, I don't care.

This book speaks to me. Larkin is a Buddhist monk who has been married 3 or 4 times, raised 2 children (including a son whom she almost lost to a drug addiction), had a high-flying corporate job and started a Sangha in the middle of Detroit. She's seen a lot.

It's refreshing to hear some Love Advice from someone who has been in a lot of relationships. You don't have to be a Buddhist or have any Spiritual back-ground to find Wisdom in this book. It's just plain good Advice. Her writing is open and accessible and makes you feel like you are sitting down for a cup of tea and a chat with a long-lost friend.

Larkin introduces the reader to numerous Buddhist women throughout history. Most of them are not well-known. She talks about the Crazy Wisdom these women found in Buddhism. I glean something new from this book every time I pick it up.

Can you tell how much I love this book?

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